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Inner Peace Essential Oil

Bella Mira Essential Oils: Inner Peace Essential Oil

Young Living Essential Oil Equivalent: Inner Child Essential Oil

Medicinal Use: Inner Peace Essential Oil gives confidence, carries oxygen to the brain, helps remove negative programming from the cells, and calms the nerves. Inner Peace Essential Oil assists in balancing the equilibrium and heart functions and supports all the systems of the body. Inner Peace Essential Oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and a general tonic.

Emotional Use: Inner Peace Essential Oil Blend assists in bringing a sense of peace into our lives. Inner Peace Essential Oil is cheering, uplifting, stimulating, balancing and restorative. Inner Peace Essential Oil brings back child like energy and signifies the inner child. Inner Peace Essential Oil is beneficial for meditation, depression, dispelling anger, fear, anxiety, relieving grief and stress. It is refreshing and enhances relationships.

Application: Diffuse, 1 drop of Inner Peace Essential Oil on temples, wrists, ears, over heart, use for massage, or wear as a perfume.

Companion Essential Oil: Gabriel's Arrow, Jubilee, Trauma Release, Accepting, Gabriel, Balance

Ingredients:  May Chang, Lime, Mandarin Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Tangerine, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang Extra in a base of Jojoba.


Inner Peace Blend
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Inner Peace Neet no Jojoba

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