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Essential Oil Kits

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All Bella Mira Products are Vegan, Vegetarian, Never tested on animals, contain no animal by-products or ingredients, fair trade and eco harvested, and responsibly produced.



These Bella MiraŽ Essential Oil Kits make it easy to get started or even easier to order when your an advanced user. All kits are available in 2 sizes: all bottles 15ml or 5ml!

Each 15ml Kit comes with a FREE 10 bottle round case.


Classic Rejuvenation Technique Kit (Raindrop Technique Kit) 

Everything you need to get started learning, mastering and applying the Rejuvenation Technique (Raindrop Technique). Contains these Important Bella Mira Essential Oils: Cypress, Niaouli (Tea Tree), Oregano, Black Cumin, Peppermint, Basil, Release, and Fortitude.

15ml Kit $135.00

5ml Kit  $73.00




Advanced Rejuvenation Technique Kit

This Bella Mira Essential Oil kit is for more advanced cases. You simply substitute these oils in the Rejuvenation Technique (Raindrop Technique) for the Classic Essential Oils! These oils are chosen for their high antimicrobial and healing properties! I use the Classic Rejuvenation Technique (Raindrop Technique) oils for normal everyday treatment and the Advanced Rejuvenation Technique Kit for people battling chronic or acute illness. Contains these important Bella Mira Essential Oils: Fortitude, Balance, Purifying, Immune Strength, Tummy Rub, and Holy Basil.  

15ml Kit $110.00

5ml Kit  $57.00


Essential Oil Basic Starter Kit with FREE Bonus

Don't know where to start or which oils to buy? You cant go wrong with the Essential Oil Basic Starter Kit. These are the oils you cant do without and are easy to use. Contains these important Bella Mira Essential Oils: Lavender , Peppermint, Niaouli (Tea Tree), Clove, Oregano, Release, and Serenity

15ml Kit $125.00

5ml Kit  $63.00


Essential Oil Advanced Kit with FREE Bonus

Already have the Essential Oil Basic Starter Kit, and getting well versed in their use but want more? This is the next step in your journey! Contains these important Bella Mira Essential Oils: Tummy Rub, Fortitude, Immune Strength, Black Cumin, Eucalyptus Radiata, Ravensara, and Wintergreen.

15ml Kit $128.00

5ml Kit $64.00


Complete Emotions Kit with FREE Bonus 


These oils were chosen to specifically address the 5 steps of grief/loss as this is often the underlying cause of most emotional imbalance. Death of someone close to you (friend, pet, spouse, family member, best friend) is not the only time we internally grieve. Loss of dreams, finances, home, job, car, yourself, physical loss, ongoing compounded stress (one thing after another, relationship  or even lifestyle or life altering stresses with cause grief. Keeping it bundled inside for a long time causes bitterness, resentment, depression, lashing out at people when you don't mean to, physical ailments such as migraine, headaches, neck and shoulder ailments, stomach ailments, menstrual problems and more.

This kit comes with Accepting, Trauma Release, Existing , Reassess, Jubilee, Balance and Expectation

15ml Kit $150.00

5ml Kit $77.00


Petssential Kit FREE Bonus

Don't Forget Your Furry Friends!

Stop treating your best friends with chemicals and medications! The Petssential kit contains every oil your need to keep your best friends healthy and happy! Contains these important Bella Mira Essential Oils: Serenity, Lavender, Purifying, Lemongrass, and Tummy Rub. Used in conjunction with Essential Solutions For Everyday Pet Problems, This kit is a bargain since it lasts the average user 1+years!

15ml Kit $85.00

5ml Kit  $44.00

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4 Release Oil Blend

Number 1 Choice For Pain


5 Marauder Oil Blend

Serial Germ Killer


6 Fractionated Coconut Oil 8oz

Non Staining-Odorless-Liquid at Room Temp.


7 Purifying Oil Blend

Great All Around Oil


8 Black Cumin Oil

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9 Breathe Ease Oil Blend

Great For Asthma or Coughs


10 Lemongrass Essential Oil

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