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Aromatherapy Blends

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For Information on Use of Aromatherapy Blends please visit the Essential Oil Information and Use Page.

For a list of Young Living Essential Oil Blends Substitutions, scroll to the bottom of the page!


All Bella Mira Essential Oil Blends are the ONLY Vegan, Vegetarian, Never tested on animals, contain no animal by-products or ingredients, fair trade and eco harvested, and responsibly produced essential oil blends available.

    Information on AFNOR/ Certifications


 All Bella Mira Carrier Oils: Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) & Jojoba (Certified Organic), Grape Seed (Certified Organic) are Cold Pressed, and Solvent Free. We choose to use FCO because it doesn't stain clothing or sheets, readily absorbs into the skin, has no scent, and has an indefinite shelf life. We only use Jojoba when the blend will be used on a sensitive area like the face. Jojoba oil is molecularly similar to skin cells.


For Complete information (or to purchase) including use, Young Living Essential Oil Blends equivalency, constituents and certification; click on each individual listing.!

In a continuing effort to help people find the highest quality essential oil blends at affordable prices, we have compiled this list of essential oils that we feel are comparable to Young Living Essential Oil Blends selection. While many have similar essential oils in them, some essential oil blends are comparable because they have similar uses. Please let us know how you like them and if there is anything we can help you with.

Quick Printable Excel Pricelist/Checklist Here

Essential Oil Blend Available Neet (Undiluted)

Past Essential Oil Users Click here for equivalency chart!

*Bella Mira Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oil Equivalent

Adrenaline NEW  
Accepting  Acceptance
Alleviate More Relieve It
Attraction  NEW  
Balance Envision
Breathe Ease R.C. or Raven
Brainstorm NEW  
Broken NEW  
Bounty Abundance
Buzz Off  NEW  
Cherub Gentle Baby
Chocolate Time Dragon Time
Christmas Moments Christmas Spirit
Cinnamon Blend  
Creamsicle  NEW  
Concentrate  NEW  
Comfort NEW  
Dream Release Dreamer
Endobalance Endoflex
Existing Present Time
Exodus  Exodus ll
Faith   New  
Fortitude Valor
Fresh Citrus Citrus Fresh
Gabriel White Angelica
Gabriel's Arrow  
Grateful New  
Hair Support  
Healing Rain Trauma Life
Heart of Life Aroma Life
Heart of the Forest Sacred Mountain
Immune Strength Immupower
Inflammaway  New  
Inner Peace Inner Child
Jasmine Blend  
Jubilee Joy
Marauder Thieves
Migra-ease M-grain
Melissa Blend  
Neroli Blend  
Nightingale Melrose
Potential Magnify Your Purpose
Purifying Purification
Reassess Grounding
Release Pan Away or Aroma Siez
Relief Pan Away
Rose Blend  
Serenity Peace & Calming
Sharon  New  
Support New  
Trauma Release SARA
Tummy Rub   Di-Tone or Di-Gize
Tone  New  
Unity Harmony
Uplifting New  
Wisdom Clarity
 Zest   Live with Passion

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TOP 10 Products

1 Shine Toothpaste

Excellent Fluoride Free Toothpaste with Essential Oils


2 Tone Oil Blend

Swimsuit Season Essential Reduces Cellulite


3 Frankincense India Oil

Highest Quality Available


4 Release Oil Blend

Number 1 Choice For Pain


5 Marauder Oil Blend

Serial Germ Killer


6 Fractionated Coconut Oil 8oz

Non Staining-Odorless-Liquid at Room Temp.


7 Purifying Oil Blend

Great All Around Oil


8 Black Cumin Oil

Highest Quality Available


9 Breathe Ease Oil Blend

Great For Asthma or Coughs


10 Lemongrass Essential Oil

Try This in Thai Food